Order Manager

Code Finix Order Manager App allows you to take sales order on any smartphone or tablet. Integrated offline order taking along with online synchronize app that allows your sales reps to showcasing catalogs and take orders in real-time. Reduce cost of massive paperwork. Time saving app that makes your customer happy.

Taking Order In 4 Easy Steps

Select Customer

Add Product Item

Review Order

Sync Order

Product Screenshots


  • Fully Customizable, Mobile Sales Order App
  • Real-Time Inventory Management
  • Customer Management
  • Offline Order Taking along with Online Synchronization
  • Barcode Scanning
  • Order Notification Email to Customer and Custom Email Address
  • Configure your Own Email
  • Import Customer and Product from Excel CSV
  • Reporting


  • Web based Store Administration
  • Android Application for Sales Rep

OS Support

  • Any OS that Supports HTML5 Browser, Android 4 - above

Technical Help/Support

  • eMail Support
  • Online Help
  • Tutorials
  • User Manual / User Guide
  • FAQ

Secure Your Order

Payment gateway Fairfield Web Solution, our trusted partner.

License: Monthly for Single Device

After your payment received, you'll get an email confirmation with instructions.

Download Order Manager Android Demo

Download Order Manager User Guide


  • You can insert a limited number of records
  • Due to server load, you may face slow speeds or connection loss