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Android POS

Both Windows and Android

Our POS Software Solutions reach far beyond traditional point-of-sale systems. From real-time reporting to extensive customer relationship with ease of use, speed and accuracy.

Order Taking App for your Sales Rep

Integrated offline order taking along with online synchronize app that allows your sales reps to showcasing catalogs and take orders in real-time.

Affordable and Fast Barcode Generator

Program supports 26 major standard 1D/2D barcodes that are easily readable and printable by commonly used barcode scanners and printers.

Print and design your own packing labels, price tags, address labels, mailing labels, envelopes, CD/DVD labels and more!! Office solution software for your labeling and printing needs. Design and start creating your own custom label formats. Built in database supports.
Our professional in-house designers create a custom logo you're guaranteed to love.

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