Getting Involved in Open Source Projects

The open source movement has been responsible for many great innovations over the past few decades. In Linux and Windows, the Apache Web Server and IIS Express are just a few examples of open source projects that have elevated the web industry to new heights.

Open source projects is part of our mission. It's a goal we want to achieve since 2008 and we'll continue to strive for the future.

PHP Virtual Table

Standalong shopping cart utility for PHP programmers.

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Key Features

  • Add/Delete Item on the fly
  • Hide any number of columns without affecting data contents
  • Saves table data in CSV format
  • Minimum code to initialize and to embed in host forms


Dot License

Dot License is very easy for licensing your software product. Product activation based on AES encryption, Processor ID and a single GUID key. Its a .Net 2.0 based application combination of Windows Form and ASP.Net Web Service.

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Key Features

  • Single-PC Licensing
  • Activation includes
  • Processor ID which prevent duplication of Products
  • 128-bit GUID values
  • AES encryption